"...and that the world will realize that it was You who sent me, and that You have loved them as much as You loved Me." (Jn 17: 23)

Emulating Christ, who by His teaching and example went about spreading the Kingdom of God, the sisters of the congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of Sorrows fulfill their duty by:

Acts of charity

The sisters serve in hospitals, institutions or homes, where they take care of the elderly, sick and suffering, with compassion and love. They lavish special attention upon the neglected or handicapped children as well as the dying.

Imparting knowledge about God

The sisters dedicate themselves to the care of children in kindergartens and day care centers. They teach religion in schools and catechetical centers. Through good example and moral support, they introduce the young people to life in God and with God.

Prayer, sacrifice, and life in the virtues of the Gospel

The daily tasks of the Seraphic sisters consists of prayer, of giving witness to Christ by caring for older sisters, the sick, the suffering, and the needy, and of other small acts of charity.

The community of the Seraphic sisters is open to all the needs of today's world and is willing to bring Christ's Love to all.