"The Franciscan ideal of life in our own age, as in past times, continually draws many men and women - longing for evangelical perfection and seeking the Kingdom of God. Inspired greatly by the example of Saint Francis of Assisi - members of the Third Order Regular earnestly strive to emulate Jesus Christ; they live communally, obligate themselves by public vows to a life of evangelical obedience, poverty and celibacy, and dedicate themselves to various apostolic ministries."
-- John Paul II

How to become Seraphic-Franciscan Sister

Basic preparation for the life and mission in the Congregation is effected in the stage of initial formation that consists of the postulancy, the novitiate and the juniorate. Through these successive stages the sister is initiated into the life of the Community. The complete admission takes place by the act of perpetual vows.

Candidacy - this time enables the woman to verify the genuineness of her vocation to the Congregation.

Postulancy - one year period of orientation. The candidate grows in knowledge of the aim and manner of life in the Congregation. She also strives for individual contact with God, for a stronger faith and for the ability to look upon all of creation in a God-like manner. The Postulant is gradually becoming more fully involved in the life of the Community.

Novitiate - the two-year program is dedicated totally to religious and spiritual formation. During this time, the novice, under the direction of the Novitiate Master, strives for intimacy with God. She receives a solid biblical, liturgical, spiritual, and apostolic formation and acquaints herself with the Constitution, and with the spirit and history of the Congregation.

Juniorate - during this five-year period the professed sister renews her vows annually and pledges to live the fullness of her consecration. The main purpose of juniorate is to continue the process of formation through theological and professional studies. The sister familiarizes herself with methods of contemporary ministry and strives to acquire the understanding of today's society and the environment she lives in. This enables her to become strongly bound to her Community and better prepares her for her perpetual vows.