The Seraphic Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis of Assisi Congregation was founded in 1881 in Poland. During this time, Polish and Catholic inhabitants of the Russian-occupied territory were exposed to persecution. Using various decrees, the occupants tried to limit the people's contact with the Vatican. They denied the people the provision of the Holy Sacraments and closed Catholic seminaries. Free contact between the people and the priests was prohibited. Many of the priests were killed or deported to Siberia. Fortunately, God called to service great people who worked to uphold the national spirit and strengthen the Catholic faith. Thanks to their efforts, the country grew both intellectually and spiritually, and the bond with the Catholic Church was strengthened. Among those people were Father Honorat Kozminski and Mother Malgorzata Lucja Szewczyk, who, together, founded the Order. The aim of these convents was to rescue the souls of its members by helping the poor, the homeless and all who needed help.

In the beginning, the congregation's existence needed to be kept secret, for under the Russian occupation any religious activity was forbidden. In 1891, after 10 years of secret activity, the congregation moved to Galicja, which was under more lenient Austrian occupation. Since then, the members of the congregation adopted religious habits as their official attire. Thefacility in Halcnow became the central home of the organization. Later, Mother Malgorzata built a church in Oswiecim, which became the Mother House. With so many new vocations, Mother Malgorzata could open convents at other locations. She extended the scope of the organization's activities to childcare centers, orphanages and schools, and helping the sick in regular hospitals.

Despite multiple obstacles, the Congregation grew relatively quickly, and concentrated their activity to the Polish territory. For some time now, in addition to their Polish homes, the Seraphic Sisters have been working in Texas, Sweden, Italy, France, Ukraine and Belorussia. Presently, the Congregation consists of 695 sisters.